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The paleo autoimmune protocol diet mainly focuses on healing the gut and reducing inflammation in the body. It helps to improve symptoms of autoimmunity, digestive disorders and other health concerns related to a compromised immune system. Thousands of people with the autoimmune disorder have followed it successfully and many are following to help restore their health.

Although, the AIP Diet is an effective tool in Autoimmune management, it can be quiet challenging to follow and implement effectively. If you are following the AIP diet but not achieving the optimal results, then here are the reasons why it isn’t work for you yet.

  1. You are not 100% compliant with the AIP dietary guidelines:

Self control is most important in the AIP diet. The 80/20 rule may work out for healthy individuals, but not for those who are fighting with symptoms of autoimmunity or chronic disease. The restricted foods on the AIP diet are inflammatory, irritate the gut, negatively stimulate the immune system and lead to leaky gut.

If you start avoiding these foods from your diet, it takes some time for the gut to heal. Food reactions never become apparent unless the offending food is completely out of your system for several weeks. So, this is the main reason why some recommend the minimum trial period for the AIP is at least one month.

  1. You have not boosted your nutrient density in your AIP diet:

Most carbohydrate nutrient-based cereals and protein-based dairy products, eggs, seeds, legumes are eliminated from the AIP diet. So one needs to focus on how to substitute these foods. The addition of nutrient-dense foods that include organ meats, plentiful vegetables, fatty fish, fermented foods and bone broth can meet your nutrient requirements. Opt for organically grown fruits to meet the daily dosage of micronutrients such as critical vitamins and minerals that help your body in nutrient absorption.

  1. You are not following a healthy lifestyle:

Eliminating the toxic and inflammatory foods is a tough component of the AIP diet, but most of them neglect the lifestyle and environment factors that affect autoimmunity and chronic disease. Follow a good healthy lifestyle to help the AIP diet work for you. Routine physical activity and good diet always reward you with promising results.

  1. Your endurance levels are low with the AIP diet:

This AIP diet should be followed strictly for at least a minimum of 30 days without having any disruptions in the middle. Sometimes, it could take many years to see it work on your body. It takes time to begin to calm inflammation and repair damage in the body. Avoid unnecessary stress and stay positive to achieve remission.

  1. You’ve not addressed underlying health factors:

Autoimmune disease is very complex and there are essential factors that can contribute to symptoms. A chronic disease in the initial stage or bacterial infections often need to be addressed before significant healing can occur. This requires specialized testing and treatment with prescription medications or professional-grade herbs.

Proper dieting, physical exercise and adding AIP friendly Protein supplements can help you restore your health and stay active. To be on a restricted diet is difficult, but the results that you welcome are awesome! Eat healthy, stay positive!!