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What Will We Have To Drink?

What Will We Have To Drink?

In recent posts we have discussed how crucial water is while beginning one of the big four diets (Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Paleo, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Keto. As these diets begin to take their anti-inflammatory affect our cells don’t retain as much water as they once did which is why we have to be sure to consume more water. But what are other drinks we can enjoy and what should we avoid?

Drinks We Can Enjoy Carefree

Smoothies: A smoothie made right can make a huge difference in our lives. It is the equivalent to eating a massive salad…nutrient dense superfood and it doesn’t fill your stomach as quickly. We have to be careful not to just use fruit…vegetables blend very well in smoothies (kale, spinach, and carrots are good place to start). To make a smoothie even better include some Autoimmune Paleo Perfection Protein powder for an extra punch of organic superfoods and protein.

Nut Milks: The AIP diet crowd can’t use the nut milks but most of the others in the big four diets can. We need to be sure these milks aren’t sweetened otherwise loads of sugar will hit our bloodstream in an instant. Not only are nut milks a refreshing drink but they can easily be added to other drinks and recipes.

Kombucha: It is like a healthy soda…fizzy and refreshing. It is a fermented drink that has loads of probiotics to help strengthen our immune systems. Many people will use tea to accomplish this but we recommend using coconut water.

Water: Though we have discussed it before water is too valuable not to include! A huge portion of our bodies are composed of water and to re-enforce our makeup is a no brainer. Complete hydration will help us sleep better and feel healthier. Water is always a good idea.

BONUS OPTION: Paleo Perfection Protein: Our big four diet compliant protein powder (AIP, SCD, Paleo, Keto diet) can be added to all these options to provide us grass-fed beef protein powder with an organic superfood blend burst of nutrition.

The options above are great for anyone looking to amp up their nutrition. But be sure to avoid these sneaky options (they are often advertised to look okay):

Milk: Though dairy is a case by case basis and whey is considered “paleo friendly” we don’t recommend this because it often will cause allergic reactions and can spike our insulin.

Juice: Even the 100% juice options are usually just packed with loads of sugar and not much more nutrients. It is easy to reach for juice but we must refrain and grab an actual piece of fruit.

Sports Drinks: There isn’t anything really sporty about a sports drink; they are loaded with tons of sugar and artificial flavors which completely eliminate any nutritional value. If we need something “sporty” then we should lean on water or coconut water while maintaining eight servings of fruits and veggies per day.

Alcohol: Some may protest but it is best to go without alcohol entirely. Too many risks are associated with alcohol even outside nutrition. Nutritionally, alcohol destroys our liver and diverts its focus from our metabolism.

Small changes here and there will amount to a lot so we must never become discouraged as we pursue our health and personal goals! #autoimmunehn