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What’s the big deal with Carob?

What’s the big deal with Carob?

So we use carob in our Paleo Perfection Protein instead of cocoa, so what?

First off, what is Carob? It is a pod that comes from a tree in the Mediterranean which contains an edible pulp that is naturally sweet and can serve as a replacement to cocoa. Carob also is high in fiber and calcium, low in fat, and has no caffeine.

Why didn’t we just use cocoa? The product was crafted to help accommodate those who have autoimmune and cocoa can be difficult to digest for those who have these diseases which may cause some gut irritation. Cocoa also contains caffeine and brief exposure to caffeine can cause inflammation...there are definitely conflicting studies in this regard but we decided to err on the side of caution for Paleo Perfection and replace it all together.

Not to mention, Carob adds a whole myriad of health benefits that can put your paleo diet into overdrive! It contains Gallic acid which works as an analgesic (helps relieve pain), anti-allergenic (won’t aggravate allergies), antioxidant (removes damaging oxidizing agents), antiviral (fights against viruses), and antiseptic (prevents growth of bad microorganisms). Also, unlike its nut-like buddy cocoa, carob may help improve digestion which helps everyone and our autoimmune brothers and sisters even more!

We could go on and on with the benefits of carob but we don’t want to overdo it. At Autoimmune Health & Nutrition we encourage the populace to educated and know what they are putting into their bodies, don’t just take our word for it or any other company’s word for that matter. Our Paleo Perfection Protein is no doubt delicious and good for you but we don’t want to fall into the same fallacy as other companies do. Though a fair amount of carob exists in our product you can’t significantly glean every studied benefit from carob just by consuming our Paleo Perfection Protein. The same is true with most products on the market.

Autoimmune Health & Nutrition’s main objective is to help build up family health and awareness and we can’t effectivity do that by over emphasizing smaller ingredient benefits. Be aware that several companies will put very small portions of certain ingredients simply for marketing purposes. Our Paleo Perfection Protein is a protein powder first and foremost and the majority of our formula is made up as such in order to fulfill its purpose. However, we have added carob as a strong second ingredient to give the chocolate flavor the autoimmune and paleo folks are looking for. We hope you will give our version of perfection a try! #PaleoPerfection