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What is Beef Protein Powder and Why Grass-Fed?

What is Beef Protein Powder and Why Grass-Fed?

Upon first hearing beef protein powder it may sound like a pretty usual process has been used in the production of this protein. Actually the process has been used for many years. Prolonged boiling in enzymes breaks down the beef product that makes it more soluble, digestible, and absorbable. This combination makes for an incredible Paleo Protein!

Many have seen what some farmers feed their cows and what additions they find “acceptable”. Autoimmune Paleo Perfection Protein DOES NOT allow for this kind of tomfoolery! Our farmers have agreed to grass feed their livestock and have also agreed “with the veterinary authorities that the use of GMO feed will not be permitted”. We have done our very best to ensure we give YOU the best.

When the founder first started requesting ingredients to begin formulation of our Paleo Perfection Protein his sister told him that nothing less than grass-fed protein would do. We have had strict adherence to this requirement. She knew that this is crucial for the autoimmune folks that are looking for a strong protein option.

Grass-fed is exactly how it sounds that the cows were fed on grassy pastures. During the summer months cows are left to roam the countryside but as it becomes colder and the grass around the livestock begins to die our farmers will continue to feed the cattle fodder and hay. We have very happy European cows that bring us perfect paleo protein.

Now let’s address the Elephant in the room. We honestly admit that, AT THIS TIME, we can’t say the protein is grass-finished. First, what does grass-finished beef mean? Grass-finished is actually quite descriptive and telling of a protein. Grass-finished means that the cow was fed grass throughout its life (no grains are permitted) into maturity while developing exterior and intramuscular fat. This process naturally takes longer and isn’t very common.

Now, why doesn’t Autoimmune Health & Nutrition use Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished, you may ask? The answer is simple. Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished beef protein powder currently isn’t commercially available or at minimum we haven’t been able to find any. However, like JFK when he said, “We choose to go to the moon…not because it is easy but because it is hard,” we, Autoimmune Health & Nutrition, choose to have Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef when it is feasibly available not because it is easy but because it is right! As always, if you have some insider info please share it with us!

So there ya have it! We have used the very best type of protein available to produce a level of perfection not yet seen in the supplement arena. Our Paleo Perfection Protein is a perfect option for you and your family!