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Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 2

Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 2

In our last post we talked about ways to enjoy the Paleo Perfection Protein and discussed water and smoothies which are the most obvious options but there are actually a few others that may please some readers. Our masterfully formulated Paleo/AIP grass-fed beef collagen protein with superfood blend is a cut above the rest and should be enjoyed accordingly. Here are the next few suggestions on how to best enjoy this paleo manna from heaven!


Option # 3: Hot drinks


Thanks to the fact our protein is the smoothest in the industry it mixes well in most drinks and particularly hot ones. Several customers of the Paleo Perfection enjoy their own tasty formulations of an AIP or Paleo hot cocoa. Most of us in the Paleo/AIP community have learned to become creative with our food and this is one of those opportunities. Between our Paleo Perfection unflavored (natural), Cherry Chocolate (chocolate by carob), and Vanilla Banana the combinations are endless!


Option # 4: Include in Recipes


Including our Paleo/AIP protein in different mixes and recipes is a good way to begin peeling away those grains and flours from a diet. Several people will include the Paleo Perfection Protein in baked goods and other recipes to replace ingredients that could cause flares and issues to their bodies. Of course, the included organic superfood blend will boost the nutrition of any recipe. Piece by piece this is a good way to ease our way into the AIP or Paleo diets.


The Paleo Perfection grass-fed collagen protein powder does well as a Paleo/AIP protein shake but as we discussed in this post and our previous post several other options are available to enjoy this super clean product. We hope that in some way this information will help ease the change from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the AIP or Paleo diet. Give the protein a try today and start your journey to healthier living.