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Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 1

Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 1

Those who abide by the Paleo or Autoimmune Protocol diets by now have probably heard of the Paleo Perfection Protein line. It is the cleanest Paleo/AIP protein powder on the market. It is grass-fed beef collagen protein with an incredible organic superfood blend. It isn’t a run in the mill protein powder but rather la crème de la crème! However, as is the case with many supplements, what are some ideas on the best way to enjoy it. We have compiled a list of ways the amazing Paleo Perfection Protein can be enjoyed.


Option #1: Water


Well duh…as described on the back of the Paleo Perfection bottle it can be enjoyed with water. This is obviously the easiest way but we do have a few tips that may be helpful:

  • First, make sure you are using cold water. Many of us have trained our brains and mouths to enjoy beverages cold and can instantly have a bad experience with a supplement if we consume it in lukewarm water.
  • Second, grass-fed beef collagen when shaken in water has a tendency to foam…if you haven’t experienced this with other collagen products then the company has likely added silicon dioxide or silica to reduce the foaming (we don’t include silica as it isn’t AIP or Paleo). To eliminate the foam issue we need to shake up the collagen protein and place it in the refrigerator while it gasses out for ten minutes or so. Not to mention, this will make the protein a bit colder too.

Option #2: Smoothie


Any of the Grass-fed Paleo Perfection Protein Powder will go well in a smoothie. If we are looking for chocolate, vanilla, or a neutral flavor then these are equal to the task. Here are a few extra tips to make our smoothies that much better:

  • When making the best AIP/Paleo shake a way to carry the flavor has to be considered. These ingredients are known as carriers and a great carrier for smoothies is a banana. This will help pull out the good flavors and suppress the bad ones. Keep in mind an entire banana has about 15 grams of fructose in it so it could max you out on fructose for the day if you are living the AIP diet. In which case, we could cut the banana in half.
  • Spinach is a healthy and the flavor is discrete. Including a leafy green like this in a Paleo/AIP protein shake will ensure nutrition results without making our taste buds cringe.


We’ll write up a few other ideas in our next post. In the meantime, enjoy our perfectly crafted grass-fed collagen Paleo Perfection Protein powder with organic superfood blend!