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Tip 11, Optimism And Gratitude: How To Succeed At Big 4 Dieting(PALEO, KETO, AIP, SCD)

Tip 11, Optimism And Gratitude: How To Succeed At Big 4 Dieting(PALEO, KETO, AIP, SCD)

We all have our story and no doubt it has had it difficulties and successes. Some of us may have struggled with autoimmune diseases which can cause extreme chronic pain throughout our bodies. Others have struggled with obesity and body image that has caused psychological and physical issues. We could go on and on with the challenges people face with their health but we have decided to make a change in our life by following the Paleo, Keto, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), or Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to help overcome some of our challenges. This can provide us with what a good friend of ours would call and opportunity…whenever we face a “challenge” or “struggle” we can call it an opportunity and instantly change the outlook to an optimistic one.

If we review our past we can see how our opportunities have improved our lives for the better. How so? How can pain, psychological, and other physical issues improve our lives? The first and most obvious improvement is empathy. Our ability to understand the situation of others in a similar situation as ours can serve as a great support to others and, in turn, to us. When like-minded people come together amazing relationships and solutions can come about (like where can you find the best paleo protein…Paleo Perfection Protein maybe J?)

These opportunities can also shape our career and influence. Think of all the people who have written books, started websites, made products, or something similar because they had their own dietary needs. Our founder started Autoimmune Health & Nutrition because of the influence of his sister Anne who suffered from RA and wanted a paleo autoimmune protocol paleo protein powder she could use. Paleo Mom and the Autoimmune Paleo gals have a similar story.

Can we recognize our health challenges as opportunities? If we are having a difficult time wrapping our head around this concept then we can begin by making a habit of being grateful for all that we have. Even if some would consider our situation dire we can find a way to be grateful which will recalibrate our lives for optimism which will help us find the opportunities in our lives. We can allow terrible things to tear our lives apart or we can wield them to work for us.

We hope we can all have gratitude in the diet of our choice as we develop optimism and discover loads of opportunity to enrich our lives.