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Tip 10, Backup and Balance : How To Succeed At Big 4 Dieting (Paleo, Keto, AIP, SCD)

Tip 10, Backup and Balance : How To Succeed At Big 4 Dieting (Paleo, Keto, AIP, SCD)

Police officers are trained to call for backup when they are about to go into a hostile situation that they aren’t totally equipped for or don’t believe they can handle on their own. When beginning a diet as intense as one of the Big 4 (Paleo, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or Keto) we often won’t have all the skills we’ll need to be successful. This means that we will learn some new skills along the way but we shouldn’t feel the need to weather the trail alone. We need to have our own version of backup to help us through the dieting process.

Having a spouse, friend, or family member by our side when we need them in our moments of food temptation or just to cheer us on can be a massive help and is crucial to succeed. The positive influence of our backup can empower us to stay on track and stay mentally and emotionally in check.

No need to worry if we don’t have someone close by to act as our backup. We can take classes, join online groups, find a local group, join the community center, or call up some old friends. Our backup is just around the corner ready to help us but we may have to radio them in before they’ll arrive.

Once we have the support we need our enthusiasm about our Paleo, AIP, SCD, or Keto successes may become a little overwhelming to those around us! Making our spouses, children, and other family members join us on our diet may seem like the right thing in the moment but it could be too much…we need to remember that even though something works for us it doesn’t mean it will translate over. As is the case with most things we need to find a balance…if we are always talking about our diet to everyone we meet then we could be flirting with a self-proclaimed Paleo mission! This is another reason why our backup can come in handy. If we are attending a group of like-minded folks then our typical rantings may be received more favorably and serve as an outlet for us.

If you do feel the need to evangelize then feel free to spread the word about Autoimmune Health & Nutrition’s Paleo Perfection grass-fed beef protein shake with organic superfood blend! It complies with the AIP, Paleo, SCD, and Keto diet to name a few and can be enjoyed by anyone!