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The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

Like every diet, the Paleo diet was developed for a very specific purpose. Though it is somewhat new to the diet scene, it is actually based on a very old methodology. A very long time ago rather than living in homes and apartments we took refuge in a cave and thus received the nickname of caveman. Now, we aren’t sure who was calling us cavemen or cavewomen for that matter…perhaps we took the liking to the name and coined it ourselves or whoever did call us that didn’t survive. J

Anyways, as cavemen and women we ate much simpler foods like meat, vegetables, fruit, and some nuts and seeds which is the basis of the Paleo Diet. However, as the world became more industrialized we started growing grains and legume and the Paleo way of living was forgotten. A large variety of foods became available to us and we indulged on the simplicity and accessibility of all these new options.

As we have learned in recent years, many of the foods we eat have preservatives, chemicals, inflammatory ingredients, are high in sugar, and can be harsh to our digestive system. The problem was and is still today that many of our bodies haven’t fully evolved or adjusted to effectively digest all these different foods let alone the additives. The Paleo Diet encourages us to return to that simpler way of eating so we can live healthier and avoid disease.

So what do you eat on the Paleo Diet? In general, the following are what our ancient ancestors would have eaten and is what is allowed on the Paleo Diet:

Option #1 (Grass-Fed Meats): The animals way back then weren’t fed grains or growth hormones rather they roamed wherever they could find the best grass to eat. Our Paleo Perfection Protein is Grass-Fed Beef…this is one way we can start moving back to our roots!

Option #2 (Fish/Seafood): Wild caught fish and seafood is what our paleo ancestors consumed. Today fish, shrimp, and others are grown in a farm and fed cheap chow until they are fat enough to sell.

Option #3 (Fresh Fruits & Vegetables): This was probably one of the most convenient options for the paleo folks back then…all they did is reach down or up and pluck the fruit or vegetable off the branch or vine. It was most definitely organic produce which is why we included an organic superfood blend in our Paleo Perfection Protein.

Option #4 (Eggs): Occasionally when a caveman got lucky he would find an egg or two from a birds nest…no, they weren’t simply sitting in the hen house! Free range eggs are best.

Option #5 (Nuts & Seeds): These too were a little difficult to come by for our paleo brethren and sisters but when they found them they were a special treat. We’re pretty sure they weren’t doused in oil and salt though. Also, don’t be fooled by legume posing peanut…it isn’t a nut and is not a paleo option.

This should give us all a good place to start! Did we mention our Paleo Perfection Protein?! J Well, if you want to keep the convenience and simplicity of our day and combine it with the paleo world then our 100% Paleo Protein will exceed that expectation!