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What Is Paleo Autoimmune Protocol?

The Autoimmune Protocol, also called Autoimmune Paleo, the Paleo Approach, or AIP, is a science-based elimination and reintroduction diet and lifestyle protocol. It focuses on enhancing gut health, balancing hormones, and regulating the immune system.

The diet includes removing food-driven sources of inflammation and restoring a more nutritious lifestyle.

The lifestyle part involves approaches to sleep, stress management, movement, and connection to manage autoimmune disease best.

It has been successfully used individually or combined with traditional treatments, depending on the patient’s needs, and has even been the focus of medical research.


The AIP Process

Using the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to alleviate the symptoms of an autoimmune disease is a slow and steady procedure. The 2-phase treatment is carried out in 3 stages.

Stage 1:

The first stage is transitioning to an autoimmune diet in the elimination phase. This phase focuses on moving a person’s diet to the elimination phase with nutrient density. Most patients are best suited to a slow and steady transition.


Stage 2

The second part of the elimination is maintaining the diet, which is the hardest to do. The goal here is to maximize healing with a focus on retaining the food eliminations while concentrating on nutrient density.

This phase will generally last at least 30 days, however, if that’s not enough, it can be stretched to between 60 and 90 days.

If, after 90 days, there is no satisfactory progress, then the patient needs to consult with their doctor.


Stage 3:

This is the reintroduction stage. The final phase of the AIP process begins after 30-90 days of maintenance.

If the patient has measurable improvements, ideally relief from symptoms, they can begin this stage. At the end of this phase, one’s diet is individualized, sustainable, and full of nutrients.

Ideally, this will be the least-bounded diet, giving them the best health benefits.


The foods to avoid while on AIP: Elimination Phase

  • All grains such as rice corn and gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, and rye.
  • All pseudo-grains and grain-like substances.
  • All dairy.
  • All legumes, such as soy, peanuts, and beans.
  • All processed vegetable oils.
  • All processed food chemicals and ingredients include preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, and thickeners.
  • All refined sugars and non-nutritive sweeteners, including high-fructose, corn syrup, or stevia.
  • All nuts and seeds, such as seed-based spices, chocolate, and coffee.
  • All berry and fruit-based spices, such as black pepper.
  • All nightshade family produce and the herbs derived from them, such as tomatoes.
  • All eggs.
  • All alcohol.


Why should you avoid the above foods?

Each food mentioned so far contains compounds that can stimulate the immune system. But unfortunately, they can also harm your digestive tract.

The foods were evaluated based on their allergen or inflammatory probability and overall nutrient value. Based on these results, they were voted either in or out.

Overall, you should avoid foods that may contribute to diseases via the inflammatory response or foods which interfere with the healing process, allowing the body to reset and have a better chance at wellness.


Foods to include during AIP: Elimination phase

  • Healthy fats such as olive oil and pastured lard.
  • Bone broth.
  • Organ meats.
  • Colorful vegetables.
  • Fermented foods.
  • Fish and shellfish (avoid them if you are allergic to them).


Why should you consume the above foods?

These nutrient-rich foods can help enhance healing. However, it is nutrient-intensive, so you need as many of them as possible.

The above foods offer particular vitamins and minerals. In addition, some of these nutrients are super anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial during the AIP process.


The Reintroduction Phase

The reintroduction phase is the last in the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Here, the patient progresses through testing the response to the foods removed in the elimination phase, one at a time.

These foods are tested in a particular order, starting with the most nutrient-dense foods least likely causing a reaction, to the least nutrient-dense foods most likely causing a reaction.


Why are the eliminated foods brought back?

There is nothing like the most prolonged, perfect AIP elimination. Instead, the goal is for the patient to recover and get the least-restrictive diet, promoting their best health.

Remember that each person's result will be different as everyone is built uniquely.


Summarizing AIP

The first step is to transition to your new diet. One can do it slow, steady, or fast, whichever one feels comfortable with.

The next step is to maintain the new diet.

The last step is to reintroduce all the eliminated foods. Patients will reach this stage if they are feeling good after the elimination stage.



While on AIP recovery, always select the cleanest source of supplements. Unfortunately, many health supplements in the market contain artificial ingredients that can harm your health.

AIP protein powder from Autoimmune Health and Nutritionis the cleanest supply of AIP diet supplements. It’s sourced from grass-fed beef collagen and is free of artificial ingredients to provide you with the highest amount of protein.