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Steps to Enjoy Paleo/AIP Desserts

Steps to Enjoy Paleo/AIP Desserts

As many of us know, desserts can get out of hand in a hurry when we are doing our best to live the Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol diets. That is partly due to the fact that desserts are always very easy to come by. Having a Cherry Chocolate (by carob) or Vanilla Banana Paleo Perfection Protein shake is always a safe bet and should always be there for the unexpected cravings but what can be done with everything else?! Also, how can we control our seemly incessant desire for the sweets?


We have a few tips that will help each of us eat better when considering desserts.


Guideline #1: A “Paleo” dessert doesn’t mean we are eating healthy

Regardless of our diet of choice, we need to lean on the AIP diet recommendations when it comes to fructose when considering a dessert. If it looks like the dessert is going to exceed 10-20 grams of fructose then we may want to reconsider. Fructose and sugar, in general, can quickly get out of hand if we give a “paleo” label too much credit.


Guideline #2: Battle sugar with fat

If any of us just watched TV we could easily believe that sugar and fat are the same thing…well aren’t they?! No! In fact we can battle sugar absorption speed into the bloodstream by pairing our sugar and carbohydrate intake with a healthy fat. Look toward the paleo and AIP approved fat options like avocados, ghee, coconut oil, or olives. Avoid the processed fat options which can actually heighten sugar cravings. An example of this is pairing an apple with some nuts or something similar.


Guideline #3: Top it off with protein and supplements

Our business is to sell paleo approved, SCD, and AIP protein supplements and believe it or not it can help manage sugar cravings. Tasty desserts are great from time to time but if they become the norm then we may need to think about managing it more closely and protein helps with that. Grass-fed beef collagen protein helps prevent sugar cravings by blocking the neurotransmitter that controls cravings. Periodically eating protein throughout the day will help ensure our craving for sugars and sweets will subside.


This is why we recommend the Paleo Perfection Protein powder which is grass-fed beef collagen with an organic superfood blend. Try it today! Click below.