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Skin Deep vs Inside Out Healthcare

Skin Deep vs Inside Out Healthcare

Lately we have been addressing the different benefits of the AIP and Paleo diet in regards to our overall health. We have discussed how we can heal our bodies from the inside out rather than just putting a bandage over a symptom. We have stressed how important it is to include a healthcare professional in this process but they may be difficult to do if we don’t understand what we need them to do. In this post we’d like to discuss the different between standard “skin deep” healthcare and “inside out” comprehensive care.

It is far too common to enter a physician’s office, wait in the waiting room for a half hour, followed by another wait in a clinic room, finally visiting with the doctor for five to ten minutes, and receiving a prescription to counteract the symptoms diagnosed. This certainly isn’t true of all healthcare professionals but this scenario is all too familiar for most of us. We can take steps to ensure we receive the best healthcare possible but it will take the right doctor and effort on our part.

Much like the time we spend researching the grass-fed collagen protein powder or other AIP and Paleo products, we need to put for the same effort with doctors. Many have grown up with the misconception that doctors know it all and what they say goes…however, they are human too, can make mistakes, and can be biases toward a particular treatment, drug, etc. This doesn’t mean we attempt to self-diagnosis or determine our own treatment…that is foolishness! Again, this does not mean doctors are bad people rather we need to find the doctor that will best fit our needs…like a soulmate we need to find our soul doctor! Here are a few steps that will help us find our soul doctor:


Communicate & Ask Questions

Nowadays it doesn’t take too much to do some research. We can do a Google search for holistic or Paleo/AIP type doctors, we can make a social media post asking for suggestions of a good doctor, and we can call or email doctor offices to learn more about the doctor. Don’t forget that the doctor we choose will work for us and should help accommodate our goals.


Appointment Prep

Once we have found the doctor we’d like to visit we need to write down the discomfort we feel, we must be specific…don’t leave this to your memory. It is highly unlikely that we will remember everything we experience in what could be a brief visit. We need to express the desire we have to perhaps avoid as much medication as possible, discuss the ways we can holistically heal our bodies, and be prepared to ask several follow up questions (we should pre-empt and write these down too). We may be surprised to learn that the right doctor will know a lot about the AIP (autoimmune protocol diet) or SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) diets as they are both well documented.

A good doctor will patiently wait for us to finish, appreciate the feedback and questions, and won’t seem agitated. Most of all a good doctor will help us achieve our health goals whether they are AIP, SCD, Paleo, or something else. Healthcare professionals shouldn’t push us out the door as soon as possible but should be willing to develop a plan that will help us not to come back too frequently.