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Rounding Effects of Age

Rounding Effects of Age

It isn’t surprising that many of us in our youth weren’t living the Paleo, AIP, SCD, or Keto diet…why is that? A portion of it may have to do with education. We just hadn’t learned about specialty diets and so we didn’t know about paleo protein or grass-fed beef collagen. Perhaps what leads us to learn about these things is the need we eventually have to improve our health. This isn’t to say that all the middle and high schoolers out there have perfect health because they eat the way they should but rather they just don’t see the need to yet.

When we are young our bodies are very resilient and it seems all they need is fuel. Some of us could have eaten donuts for every meal and still would have been as thin as a bean pole. Many people follow the AIP and SCD diet to overcome disease and for some autoimmune diseases may not manifest until later in life. All in all age has a rounding effect on our body but also on our minds. As we become well-rounded in our intellect our bodies will become less so.

Our country’s culture as a whole concerning health isn’t a healthy one. Though the food manufacturing world had become more and more efficient it has translated into less and less nutrient dense. There has been a steady decline in balanced diets, digestion, and sun exposure. Top that with the predisposition to get a medication for every symptom, a good portion of the populations health is just surviving rather than thriving.

This all leads to the general population being deficient in several nutritional area of life. This includes fat soluble vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals. Wouldn’t it be nice to have tons of energy, less senior moments, and brimming optimism?! By utilizing paleo and other supplements in our diets we may begin to see an improvement.

Grass-fed beef collagen protein powder is a good place to start. Our Paleo Perfection Protein powder is just that and we have three amazing flavors that can help bring our health back into balance. Omega-3s are comprised of ALA, EPA, and DHA fatty acids. These <i>essential</i> fatty acids support heart, brain, and eye health at all stages of life. Additionally, omega-3s has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and improve HDL to LDL ration. It is a good place to start rounding out our lives!