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Reasons for Recreation | Autoimmune Health and Nutrition

Reasons for Recreation | Autoimmune Health and Nutrition

When we start a new diet, it can be extremely frustrating as we begin to adjust the way we eat. Those of us living the paleo autoimmune protocol or the Paleo Diet... and any other diet, for that matter, can quickly become discouraged because we are no longer able to eat what we once did. Those sugary treats and favorite dishes often fall by the wayside in an effort to become healthier and heal our bodies from the inside out. This leads us to the topic of this blog, it is imperative that we make time for recreation in order to allow additional healing.

As perhaps we have mentioned in the past, the AIP, SCD, and paleo diet are not for the faint of heart. They are perhaps the most restrictive diets ever! So how do we make it easier? What can we do to improve our situation as we adjust to these new diets? This is what we came up with…



In order to avoid backslide in a new diet (like autoimmune protocol and paleo) it would be wise for us to engage in our favorite hobby or find one. This kind of mental stimulation has shown to prevent age-related cognitive decline and it also helps people relax and forget about their troubles.


Let Loose

The stress associated with life and starting new things like a diet that prevent us from eating what we once loved so dear, like loads of carbs, can take a toll on our bodies. This can make us irritable, cause us to lose sleep, or even cause our hormones to go wild. This is why regularly engaging in voluntary recreational time is vital. Finding time to spend with family, play a pickup game or a good old round of Red Rover can make all the difference.


Among Others

It can be easy to stay indoors and not want to see anybody when we are experiencing some of the emotions associated with change. However, getting out and about with other people will allow us to improve our relationships and give us a boost of oxytocin and serotonin which are the “feel-good” hormones. When others join in the fun it can help us rewire our brain as we take on our new paleo diet. Not to mention, sociability has been shown to extend life expectancy. If we surround ourselves with friends we will truly live a healthy and full life but if we decide to be a hermit we no doubt may die alone…


If that wasn't enough, Autoimmune Health & Nutrition helps lift the stress with their Paleo Perfection protein powder. It is made from grass-fed beef collagen protein powder and boosted with an organic superfood blend. Include it with your next hobby, activity or social event!