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Protein Powders That Don’t Go With The AIP and Paleo diet

Protein Powders That Don’t Go With The AIP and Paleo diet

Autoimmune disease is an epidemic that affects millions of people over a period of time. It is a condition where your immune system mistakenly attacks your body and causes inflammation of muscles, gut-related issues and certain skin conditions. The main risk factors that may cause autoimmune disease can be your environment, diet and lifestyle.

To reduce inflammation in the body and to ease of certain symptoms of autoimmune disorders, the best thing you could do is to follow AIP and Paleo diets. It takes time adjusting to a new diet, especially AIP and paleo as it is complex. But it helps you in the long run while you try getting over your health issues. There’s a lot of confusion for many people as to what foods and food groups fit perfectly within the AIP and paleo diet (we have done a detail blogging on this topic). Usually, a common question arising for beginners on a paleo diet is on the protein powders that go with the AIP and Paleo diet.

Let us guide you with our information on protein powder supplements that are AIP and Paleo compliant and those that are not.

Are Casein and Whey protein powders AIP and paleo-friendly?

Casein & Whey protein powders are not AIP and paleo-friendly. They contain hormones and can spike insulin. In additional, Beta Lacto Globulin exists in milk that people with an autoimmune disease will cause an allergic reaction to among other problems.

Is Soy protein powder AIP and paleo-friendly?

Any soy protein powder is not paleo-friendly. Soy protein powder comes from soybeans that are legumes which are not part of a strict AIP and paleo diet.

Legumes such as soy are not part of the AIP and paleo diet because they generally contain a number of nutrient blockers which stop the body from absorbing some of the nutrients and minerals that we need. Soy is also a very common allergen.

Which protein powders are AIP and paleo-friendly?

We recommend always using Paleo-friendly and AIP compliant protein powder. Our Paleo Perfection protein powder is grass-Fed adhering meat & bone broth protein powder. This means it has less fat, more omega-3 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acid and more antioxidant vitamins.Paleo Perfection is a superfood organic blend that is non-GMO, soy-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and has had no sugar added. They are available in three super tasty flavors that include “Paleo Perfection Cherry Chocolate Protein Powder”, “Paleo Perfection Natural Protein Powder”, “Paleo perfection Vanilla Banana Protein Powder”

Paleo Perfection is an extremely easy and convenient source of protein to help begin your journey on the AIP or Paleo diet. It is imperative to stick to the AIP and Paleo diet if you want to see the benefits associated with it. It will take a different amount of time for everyone to fully appreciate and feel the difference. However, it isn’t a question of if but when it comes…stick to it, you can do it!