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Proper Paleo Care

Proper Paleo Care

As we have discussed in previous posts following the parameters of the Paleo or AIP diet is just the beginning to caring properly for ourselves. In order to enjoy our lives we not only should consume grass-fed beef collagen protein powders but also care for our bodies from sleep to habits. Let’s talk about what can be done to improve our lives outside just eating.




We shouldn’t disconnect from others but we should disconnect from all the technology that seemingly never stops bombarding us. To truly live a Paleo or Autoimmune Protocol, we need to disconnect. In reality, when we are “connected” we often disconnect from those around us. Interpersonal communication has taken a noise-dive in recent years and it is largely due to our desire to stay connected to technology. Proper Paleo and AIP care comes with taking time to disconnect and reconnect with those around us. Building relationships in person is much more powerful than a text, phone call, or something similar.




Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for most adults and even kids to be sleep deprived. We live in a society that pushes us to go, go, go and sacrifice anything and everything for success. Paleo and AIP care of ourselves will be amplified when we determine we will sleep a healthy number of hours each night. It is different for everyone but have a solid eight hours each night is a place to start. When we are sleep deprived it can hamper our immune system, heighten chance for chronic disease, and slow cognitive function. We may not have as much time when we sleep more but we will be more efficient and feel healthier. Our Paleo and AIP ancestors didn’t have alarm clocks…food for thought.


Detox Body & Mind


Proper Paleo care is greatly helped when we learn to create healthy habits in response to stressful situations. Drinking some ice cold Paleo Pefection Protein in a smoothie or by itself is a healthy reaction that will boost our health and our bodies will thank us for later.


This process can also extend beyond nutrition to our mind. Playing off the “disconnect” section above when we turn off the news and avoid programs that are inherently negative and focus on more uplifting programs we, in turn, will feel uplifted. A positive attitude can make all the difference as we work to improve our own health through proper Paleo care.


Keep in mind that this process is individual and what works for some may not work for others. Similar to the AIP diet we need to determine which healthy habits best help us achieve optimal health and we test and experiment.