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Everyone knows it is important to drink plenty of water to be hydrated and healthy, but protein shakes are more effective than just water. It hydrates and is an easy and tasty way to consume more of the proteins that our body requires.

Some believe that protein shakes are just for the athletic and gym enthusiasts, but adding a protein shake to your daily diet can help in various ways. So what is the best way to get all your proteins in a healthy way?

AIP & Paleo-friendly protein powders are the cleanest and healthiest way to get the full-chain, complete protein you need. As it has been from the Paleolithic era until now, following the AIP and Paleo diet are great ways to reduce inflammation and become free from most autoimmune disorders. These protein powders are formulated and made from the choicest ingredients like grass-fed beef collagen, organic foods such as broccoli, apple fiber, kale, beetroot, carrot, mushroom and spinach.

AIP &Paleo-Friendly Protein Powders

Autoimmune Health & Nutrition offers 3 flavors of AIP & Paleo protein powders that help your body meet the required protein needed in a healthy and delicious way.

This cherry and chocolate flavored protein powder is one of the kid’s and women’s favorite flavors. It makes your protein shake super tasty and it mixes well with other ingredients. It can be a great option to supplement any meal or just serve as a tasty snack. These flavors can reduce your stress levels, helps your skin look brighter and boost your brainpower. Not to mention, the “chocolate” taste is by Carob… this means no inflammation!

Vanilla and banana is a great flavor that goes well with pretty much anything! It will compliment whatever you decide to use in your shake or what you mix it with. These universal and organic ingredients will augment any shake or beverage they are included in.

This was specifically formulated to help those, who are on the AIP Paleo diet. This powder, like all the others, is loaded with collagen protein. This is a good source for gut health and will help to boost energy levels after exercising. Anyone can consume this protein powder along with their daily diet as it is easy to digest and absorbed by the body.

All our AIP and Paleo collagen protein powders are an amazing combination of easily digestible ingredients like grass-fed beef collagen protein and organic fruits and veggies. If that wasn’t enough, they are also free of gluten, soy, GMOs, allergens, dairy products and sugar.

Benefits of Consuming AIP & Paleo Protein Shakes:

  1. Helps you relieve pain and inflammation
  2. Support gut health without any side-effects
  3. Helps to maintain the vitality of skin, muscles, hair, bones, tendon cartilage and joints
  4. Best way to build lean muscles
  5. Boost metabolism
  6. Helps supplement weight loss
  7. Improves chances of recovery from an autoimmune disease

If you want to add something tasty and healthy in your diet plan, AIP & Paleo-friendly protein powder shakes are the great choice to replenish your energy quickly. Just add a scoop of protein powder in hot or cold liquid and mix vigorously for a minute or so and enjoy!