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You’ve probably heard about the AIP and Paleo diet if you’ve ever looked for a healthy diet plan for weight loss or gut health. What if we told you it can also help you have healthier skin?

Well, the AIP & Paleo protein diet was followed by our ancestors during the Paleolithic era. You can experience healthy & clearer skin, weight management, improved metabolism and digestion, increased energy levels, improved sleep, mental clarity, improved heart health and overall wellbeing if you decided to live the AIP or Paleo diet.

How The AIP & Paleo Diet Improves Skin Health

The AIP and Paleo diet is considered a clean diet because it includes fresh vegetables, fruits and clean meat. It doesn’t include any grains, dairy products, legumes, trans fats, artificial sweeteners and beverages,which cause inflammation and show adverse effects on the skin.

  • AIP and Paleo diet foods are rich in antioxidants that protect skin cells from the aging process.
  • Healthy fats from fresh meat, avocado and fish can hydrate&protect skin and also help you look younger.
  • Collagen protein can help youlose excessive weight.
  • Dietary collagen also helps to reduce wrinkles, improve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.
  • No chance of clogged pores and skin flare-ups because the AIP and Paleo diet does not include any added sugars and saturated fats.
  • The AIP and Paleo diet are also known as Gluten-free diets that help improve skin health in various ways, includes:
    1.Reducing pimples
    2. Helps your skin glow and look more vibrant
    3. Helps maintain good moisture levels
    4. Improve skin firmness and elasticity
    5. Improve skin appearance to look smoother and younger
    6. It also helps to reduce chronic inflammations and treat gut damage
  • The AIP and Paleo protein diet is highly recommended to clear up acne as it consists of low carbohydrates, which can adversely affect hormones that causing acne.
  • This protein-rich diet not only builds strong muscles, but also enhances skin health.

Foods for Healthy Skin

Coconut: plays a crucial role in improving skin health by helping to prevent acne as it shrinks pores that can attract dirt and bacteria. It also helps skin to keep hydrated & nourished.

Avocados: is a good source of Vitamin-E, an important antioxidant to protect skin from oxidative damage. Its hydrating properties can help reduce wrinkles and boost skin immunity. Avocado oil can also help hydrated, nourish and soften skin.

Tomatoes: help to boost lycopene, a pigment that's naturally found in the skin.This antioxidant can offer long-term protection against UV rays, reduce open pores & blackheads and help fight against free radicals in the body.

Leafy vegetables: are packed with the carotene compounds lutein and zeaxanthin, which are integral to protect and hydrates skin cells.

Seasonal Fruits: are the best source to give your body a high volume of nutrients and anti-oxidants that helps to reduce infections and inflammation. A rich dose of vitamins and minerals can help in synthesizing collagen and nourishing the skin.

Salmon: This fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid, which helps reduce inflammation and protect skin from cancer cells and acne.

Fresh Meat: Consumption of healthy meat can result in the elimination of skin diseases, protect skin from UV rays and restore moisture levels in the skin for a natural glow. It also has other benefits like building and repairing body tissues, protects the body from infections, improves blood circulation and more.

Along with these, there are many foods that you can include in the AIP and Paleo diet to achieve healthy glowing skin. Be aware of what to eat and avoid before planning your AIP and Paleo diet meals.