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Paleo Perfection VANILLA Banana Collagen Protein

Paleo Perfection VANILLA Banana Collagen Protein

The last few week Autoimmune Health & Nutrition has been enjoying the tasty compliments from buyers of the Paleo Perfection Vanilla Banana newly added flavor! This tasty new flavor still touts the organic superfood blend, grass-fed beef collagen protein powder, and other organic ingredients. It wasn’t an easy feat to produce this incredible flavored grass-fed paleo protein powder. We’d like to tell you a little bit about the journey.


Anyone in the biz, knows that for some reason the grass-fed beef collagen protein doesn’t take well to the vanilla flavor very easily so we concluded that we’d have to couple it with another ingredient. This decision was quickly narrowed down because of the restrictions associated with AIP diet. At Autoimmune Health & Nutrition we formulate our protein supplements around the strictest of requirement so it meets up to the task of being called an AIP protein supplement. If something is Autoimmune Protocol compliant or friendly then it easily exceeds the standard of paleo, keto, or SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet).


After several trials and errors we finally found that banana was the one to be wed to vanilla in our paleo/AIP beef collagen protein powder. It tastes great without hitting the taste buds in the face with too much flavor…we didn’t want to take away from the nutrition value by dumping too much flavor on it. We use an organic vanilla and organic stevia to build the flavor profile. It goes by itself and just as well in a smoothie.


So always remember that Autoimmune Health & Nutrition has the finest paleo, SCD, keto, and AIP supplements on the market because we cater to the highest standard. When someone buys our grass-fed beef collagen protein powder they also have the benefit of an organic superfood blend. This superfood blend has organic fiber, organic fruits, organic cruciferous veggies and more! It hits every note in an incredible AIP protein symphony!


Don’t be fooled by all the run-in-the-mill options out there…some are private labels jut pedaling the product as someone else. Buy the best and follow the counsel of returning back to our roots!