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Paleo/AIP Medicine

Paleo/AIP Medicine

The Paleo and AIP diets (the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as well) promote natural healing…we advocate this in nearly every post we make because we understand the benefit of allowing our bodies to heal! “Modern Medicine” really hasn’t been overly common outside the last 150 years. It seems the way in which we care for our bodies is generational. Before tiny pill supposedly cured all, people were using natural remedies to overcome sickness and they did a fair job. The rise of modern medicine has helped in leaps and bounds but the balance has been thrown off…too many people put all their chips on modern medicine and don’t take the time to learn about more holistic approaches that can deliver amazing benefits.


We promote the Autoimmune Protocol diet which stems from the Paleo diet…this also aligns very closely to the SCD diet. It is the process whereby a person removes foods that can cause inflammation and thus allowing a body stricken with an autoimmune disease to heal and reduce flares. In addition, to this diet healthy herbs are available to help promote healthier living. Compared to the more conventional approach herbs are more cost effective, grants greater control to the user, is safer, very individual specific, and has a good track record. Let’s go over herbs in a bit more detail.


Let’s begin with cost…if we are battling an autoimmune disease or something like that how do we afford to pay for the food, Paleo/AIP supplements, or herbs to help in treatment? Believe it or not, since medication and other treatments are so astronomical the holistic approach comes out cheaper, in most cases, in the end. Strictly adhering to an appropriate diet like the AIP, SCD, or Paleo diet and keeping our cupboards stocked with the best grass-fed collagen proteins, dried herbs, and other appropriate foods will minimize trips to the doctors for emergencies through preventive care. It is highly recommended to work closely with a willing doctor to determine the best care for each of us.


Ninety-percent of botanicals can safely be taken with other conventional medication. In fact, even in high doses herbal type treatments won’t cause any issue with other medications prescribed by a doctor. Again it is highly recommended to communicate often in this regard with our doctors. However, it is comforting to know Mother Nature’s remedies typically aren’t as malice as Mans’.


Autoimmune Health & Nutrition builds products to support the effort our generation is re-adopting to heal from the inside out. We call it going Back to Our Roots