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Paleo/AIP Acceptable Food #5 : High Glycine Foods

Paleo/AIP Acceptable Food #5 : High Glycine Foods

Within the last year high glycine foods have become extremely popular and a lot of that rave has been with bone broth. Bone broth is great for anyone and particularly those abiding by the Autoimmune Protocol and Paleo diets. However, not every bone broth should be trusted and some fall short of delivering all the desired nutrition or contain additives that can be harmful to some, particularly those on the AIP diet. Let’s break it down.

Popular Bone Broth Base: Most bone broths just contain the bone but Autoimmune Health & Nutrition’s Paleo Perfection Protein includes bones and adhering meat/connective tissue. Our protein has much more bang for your buck in comparison to popular bone broths. Not to mention, our protein includes an organic superfood blend to boost even more nutrition!

Popular Bone Broth Additives: The most popular bone broths on the market today contain xanthan gum, guar gum, and un-organic sweeteners and flavors. Our Autoimmune Health & Nutrition’s Paleo Perfection Protein is GRASS-FED with ORGANIC ingredients, sweeteners, and flavors. We have built our products to help accommodate some of the most sensitive of individuals. It is no small feat that we have the #1 Paleo and AIP protein!

Now let’s get back to the basics. Outside different supplements currently available on the market what else is fall under the high glycine food umbrella? Connective tissue, joints, skin, and organ meats can be added to the list. Overall these foods are loaded with amino acids that are good for you muscles, cognitive, and metabolic functions.

Not to mention, those that have an autoimmune disease can benefit greatly from the fact that high glycine foods act as a natural anti-inflammatory. It can also improve your skin and help with leaky gut. For those on the AIP diet high glycine foods check several boxes of food prerequisites.

Though the benefits just discussed were specifically addressed to those with autoimmune diseases it applies to everyone. The benefits of high glycine food continue with the following:

  • Glycine can help with glucose balance—Since Glycine can stimulate the production of glucagon it can help potentiate the release of insulin
  • Glycine can prevent the death of muscle cells in the heart—glycine can help lower systolic blood pressure
  • Glycine can also help in a detox, with you liver, and Kidneys while helping maintain vitamin D blood levels.

We could go on for several pages about the benefits of High Glycine Foods and we encourage you to search out more articles to reinforce the benefits discussed here.

Begin incorporating the Paleo Perfection Protein in your diet today to increase your glycine intake! It feels good to go back to our roots! #autoimmunehn