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All autoimmune diseases are centered on one key factor which is that the body is attacking itself. In an autoimmune condition, the immune system starts attacking the healthy cells mistaking them as the foreign invaders but the difference is what part of the body is being attacked by your immune system. For example, with multiple sclerosis the immune system attacks the coating around nerves, in type 1 diabetics your immune system attacks the pancreas, and in rheumatoid arthritis the immune system attacks joints.

In this blog, we will help you understand the truth of autoimmunity and the things you can practice to get your life back to normal. Yes, your autoimmunity can be reversed if you sacrifice inflammatory foods, get out of bed and move, and give up on stress and other toxic burdens…these can make a condition worse and stop the body from healing.

5 Facts About Immunity you need to know

1. Autoimmune Disorder Can Be Reversed

You might be told by many people that autoimmune diseases are not curable, and that the genes are the culprit behind the autoimmune condition making it incurable. But the fact is far different from the truth. Yes, there is a genetic component for the autoimmune disease but the new field of epigenetics says, genetic expression can be modified by optimizing your diet, healing your gut and addressing other internal and external factors.

2. You Can Regain Quality of Life After Autoimmunity

People going through an autoimmune condition undergo emotional trauma that makes them believe that they cannot regain their life after autoimmunity. Thankfully, if you take the necessary steps to remove the environmental causes of autoimmune conditions and restore your immune system balance, then you can expect to be free from pain, symptoms, and regain the lost vitality. Keeping autoimmune conditions under control takes a long time for some people but once it is practiced properly then you can look forward to an excellent quality of life and the gradual reversal of symptoms.

3. You Can Alleviate the Symptoms with Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Autoimmunity is quite common and is present in everyone. However, autoimmunity can also cause a wide range of human illnesses when the benign autoimmunity turns into pathogenic autoimmunity, this condition is called an autoimmune condition or collectively known as autoimmune disease. Many factors can trigger autoimmune conditions which include the type of food we eat that is responsible for causing an inflammatory response or the autoimmune condition. One can heal their autoimmune condition by making some major changes in their diet and addressing lifestyle factors.

The best diet recommended for the autoimmune condition is the one that reduces immune response in the body that comes from consuming foods that a person is allergic/sensitive to and those that contribute to a leaky gut. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol is a powerful strategy that enhances a better diet and lifestyle and regulates the immune system by putting an end to inflammatory responses and allowing the body to heal.

4. Improving Your Gut Health Is a Milestone to Reach a Better Life and Reduce Autoimmunity

More than 80% of our immune system is associated with our gut. In simple ways, you cannot have a healthy immune system without having a healthy gut. Your immune system and your gut are allies that fight together against foreign invaders. If your immune system is healthy it can distinguish between the good bacteria and the types of bad bacteria and ward off the bad guys that may cause you harm. Sometimes your immune system behaves badly and attacks your own tissues. It could be your intestines, thyroid, pancreas, brain, or any other organs. No matter what part of the body is being attacked, the underlying problem lies with your immune system. In order to keep your immune system healthy, you must address your gut health.

5. What Can I Do to Come Out of Autoimmune Condition and Lead a Healthy Life?

You need to follow the 4R approach as shown below.

  • Remove the Bad:remove all the bad things that affect negatively your gut such as inflammatory toxic foods that cause intestinal infections such as SIBO and yeast overgrowth.
  • Restore the missing ones: Adding digestive enzymes and HCL into your daily regime help you support nutrient absorption and promote better digestion while also repairing intestinal inflammation.
  • Reinoculated with healthy bacteria: Restore the healthy bacteria by consuming probiotics that help you heal your gut.
  • Repair the gut: Give your body ample nutrientsto repair the gut. Drinking collagen or bone broth also helps to heal your gut as it will supplement your body with omega 3 and zinc.

Autoimmune Health & Nutrition is providing dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, non-GMO high-quality paleo collagen powders. Our AIP protein powders are rich, creamier, and tastier and provide you with ample health benefits. If you are someone suffering from autoimmune disease couple this AIP protein powder with your paleo autoimmune protocol diet for the best results.