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How To Plan An Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet For A Busy Day

How To Plan An Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet For A Busy Day

In today's world, we run with time. Fulfilling our daily chores, job, and children can consume our day. Sometimes you don’t get time to eat healthy food or rather meet your daily dietary requirements. While you are on the AIP diet, and for those busy days, you can try these recipes to get the right nutritional punch and stay active all throughout the day. We are going to share a perfect diet plan for a busy day.

The AIP diet is a great diet that removes foods that most commonly cause adverse reactions in people. These kinds of reactions can range from extremely severe to minor. Usually, the reactions are so minor that we don’t even notice them or if we do notice them, we don’t recognize or attribute them to the food we are eating.

Here are some ideas that could save you on those days when time disappears.


Breakfast is a quintessential meal of the day that one cannot afford to miss. It works as a fuel to perform bodily functions and keeps the brain active from the get-go. Rule of thumb for a good breakfast is a combination of carbs, protein, healthy fats and a little fruit or veggies. Here is a breakfast recipe you can make in a jiffy!

Try this: Mix green apples and homemade coconut yogurt with pumpkin puree. Sprinkle a scoop of AIP compliant protein powder and just drizzle a tiny bit of organic honey on top of the whole bowl. Now, enjoy!


Breakfast undoubtedly is the kickstarter meal of the day, but don’t forget about lunch! Especially when you’re in the middle of a hectic workday… Lunchtime may just save you! It will help maintain your energy and keep you going until the end of the day which is even harder with those with an autoimmune disease. It's important to incorporate food with high protein so you don’t crash afterwards.

Recipe for lunch: Instant pot grass-fed beef over mashed cauliflower with spinach salad and apple cider dressing. The healthier you eat, the more in tune you begin to be with what your body really needs.


All meals on the AIP diet should be nutrient dense so you may not need one. However, consuming fresh fruits like apples, bananas, pears, and veggies are a good option. Snacks like baby carrots and cucumber makes an ideal choice for a healthy snacking. You could even have a bowl of fresh berries or unsweetened sundried berries if you didn’t for breakfast.


Lack of appetite is a pretty typical immune system response when you are fighting with an underlying condition. This is because your body's immune response interferes with regular metabolic activity. That being said, you still need to try eating dinner…your body needs the energy. Dinners should be consumed no later than 6-7pm. Having a lighter dinner is good and it doesn’t need to complicated or extravagant. Here’s a great “5-minute meal” that is quick, healthy, and satisfying.

Recipe: An easy to make Paleo Broccoli beef

Ingredients: Beef, broccoli florets, garlic, ginger powder, coconut aminos, coconut oil.

This is an easy to prepare, super-delicious recipe with leftover roast beef. This dish comes from Chinese cuisine and is a filling and satisfying dish to be served with zucchini noodles. Just like any other stir-fry recipe, this meal can be made and served in a matter of a few minutes, so it is ideal for a quick meal at the end of a busy day.

Eat wisely but enjoy!