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How To Pick The Right Paleo and Autoimmune Nutrition Supplements

How To Pick The Right Paleo and Autoimmune Nutrition Supplements

Proteins are crucial for the human body and are vital in the building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. The first thing that springs into our mind when we think of protein powders is probably the right nutritional supplement. Many studies revealed that consuming a 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day can keep your body nourished, satisfied and even help build muscles mass.


Today there are a wide variety of Paleo protein powders & diet supplements available in the market! However, often we are confused about which one is right for us. This is because different protein powders have different properties that affect the body in different ways.

Here are the essential aspects to check before you pick the protein powder to meet your fitness goals.

Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are associated with many side effects, as it contains Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose. Many types of research indicate that these tend to increase your appetite, raise your sugar carvings and as well as increase weight gain. So any sweeteners like coconut water or natural fruit can be added for taste.

Protein Type:

Choose the right type of protein by checking the label to get the right nutritional information of the source of proteinused. Some protein powders may contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid and lectins. These promote the symptoms like gas, bloating and nutrient malabsorption. Ninety-percent of Soy protein contains Roundup herbicide and even contain estrogen that leads to hormonal disruptions. Whey protein is highly processed and this overly acidifies the body. So be sure to get the right protein powder that not only provides nutrition but also protects from side-effects that may harm the body in the long run.

Artificial Flavors:

Artificial flavors contain some chemical mixtures with synthetic ingredients. So try to avoid these flavors, just blend your protein powder with real fruits that lend a perfect nutrition boost.

Protein Powder with Fewer Ingredients:

The best protein powder has only fewer ingredients, choose the one that has essential ingredients and low in sweeteners & fillers.

Check the Label Before You Pick:

Before picking a protein powder check the amount of protein blend in the powder, if it is not stated then consider another blend. Mainly protein powders are made up of amino acids, for a complete protein powder, it must contain nine essential amino acids, such as histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

How Can You Benefit From Protein Powder?

Muscle Gain:

Consuming protein powder with your meal can help boost your muscle mass and even tone your lean muscle. So choose a protein powder with a high biological value that your body can absorb.

Weight Loss:

Protein makes you feel satisfied (the “full” feeling), so as a result, it helps to curb overeating. When you are on a diet, your body tends to burn away the muscle mass too, so by adding protein powder along with weight loss diet helps to build the muscle mass.

Overall Health Being:

By adding protein powder to your healthy diet can lower the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. You can notice the results by adding the protein powder to your diet rather than just having only a healthy diet.


As Paleo Perfection Protein Powder is non-GMO, soy-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no sugaradded and it complies with the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol Diet), Paleo, Keto, and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) Diets. It is considered the best protein powder among all other protein supplements. Your body can easily absorb the available nutrients this amazing protein provides. Visit Autoimmune Health & Nutrition store to find the BEST AIP Protein Diet Supplements.