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How to Love Yourself and Your Paleo/AIP Diet

How to Love Yourself and Your Paleo/AIP Diet

The love we have for ourselves and dieting are unfortunately linked very closely. Dieting is often viewed as a necessary evil. We want to be healthy, look good, but also enjoy food. How can we effectively love our diet while at the same time love the way we feel and look? These are some deep questions and will require some decent explanation. The Paleo or AIP (autoimmune protocol) diets can’t solve this problem alone but certain steps can be taken to improve.


First, we need to recognize how we see food and what it means to us. Many people live to eat and other eat to live…most people will fall easily in either category. Those to that eat to live almost naturally don’t have an issue with weight but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy. Those that live to eat are indulgent and have a big long list of comfort food. These people will often struggle with weight. Once we recognize which group we fall in we can begin to attack it appropriately with some Paleo/AIP diet solutions.

How to love myself

Love of self doesn’t begin or really end with the Paleo or AIP diet. If it did then life would be easier. We can begin to love ourselves when we have a good strong purpose. The purpose of life is a rabbit hole if there ever was one but the best purposes are those that benefit much more than our own interests. When we have a purpose that uplifts others by following good principles we are on a good path to find several reasons to love ourselves and actions.


Focusing on our good principles and recognizing how we view food will then help us understand how we can love ourselves and our Paleo/AIP diet! Those that eat to live simply need to find good Paleo and AIP food options that will help them be healthier and/or relieve pain. Those that live to eat need to dive a little deeper into their purpose for good. Again, if this purpose is focused toward helping others it will better serve our purposes. When we help others our mind moves away from ourselves and thus help remove the desire to me indulgent in food. When we can begin to remove this indulgent we move more toward the side of eating to live. This will help us then focus on our body’s needs rather than our emotional need. Then the Paleo/AIP diet will do its thing!

Find good fats, grass-fed beef collagen protein powder, wild caught fish, veggies, and fruit are just a few options that help us improve our health. When we take the time to make time for others then our overall purpose improves in our mind and our body.