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How to Get Started on the Keto, AIP, SCD and Paleo Diet

How to Get Started on the Keto, AIP, SCD and Paleo Diet

It can be very difficult to change the way we eat. This is particularly true if we grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) because we are so accustom to sugars and carbs. At some point in our lives we realize that we can no longer eat whatever we want and keep our health. The weight of these unhealthy foods will eventually catch up in one way or another and if we want our bodies to feel good we need to change.

The Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP), Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Paleo Diet, and Keto diet are similar in many ways but can be difficult to start. Let’s dive in to how we can start and stick with these diets.

If we jump right into a diet it can be like jumping into boiling water; we will instantly get out and have difficulty ever returning. For example, if we decided to start the keto diet and we hadn’t developed a certain level of fat-adaptation or, in other words, if our bodies hadn’t converted stored fat to energy (ketones) then we would be highly dependent on carbs. A day or two into the keto diet we would feel as though we are starving ourselves and revert back to our old ways.

Backslides are common in the Keto, AIP, SCD, or Paleo diets if we don’t begin correctly. We need to start with a more comprehensive approach by minimizing our carb/sugar consumption and giving our bodies an opportunity to adapt. Perhaps we can try eating breakfast and lunch 100% Paleo/Autoimmune (or the diet of choice) for a few weeks and then slowly include dinner. This process can further be helped by eliminating life stress and getting enough sleep. If we feel like we are lacking in other areas of our life we can easily create a justification to return to our old ways of eating. In time it will become easier and our health will improve.

This process is made easier with our Autoimmune Protocol Compliant products. The beauty of having AIP compliant products is that it jives with the Keto, SCD, and Paleo diet. Lean on Autoimmune Health & Nutrition and our products can help you achieve your goals.