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Healing is completely about loving yourself and leading a happy, balanced and fulfilled life while on the AIP diet. It’s about thriving and not stressing. In today's world, we find that stress has become a concern for all age groups. Research says that stress is one of the underlying factors for many health problems. Learning how to manage stress and following simple tips can help you live better. While facing an autoimmune disorder, it is important to keep yourself calm and at peace, as it helps in recovery.

The following simple tips can help you manage stress while on the AIP Diet

  1. Yoga:

Yoga can help us manage our stress while living the AIP diet. It is one of the best practices to calm our bodies and souls to find inner peace. Certain yoga poses can help us find an inner connection. This move our focus from stress to a more pleasant state of being. It will teach us how to listen to our bodies and how to treat ourselves with compassion and kindness, honoring what our bodies’ needs.

  1. Listening to music:

Music has a profound effect on our body and soul. It works wonders in soothing our minds and rejuvenating our senses. It has a unique interlink with our emotions to reduce our stress level. When we become stressed, we need to take a break from our work for 10 minutes and listen to music to relax our minds. Listening to pleasant music has a positive result on the brain and body. Additionally, music can have a benefit on physiological functions as well…listening to music for 20 minutes before bed time can relax our minds and induce sleep.

  1. Sleep:

When you begin living the Paleo & AIP diet you need to make sure you get enough sleep and maintain a consistent bedtime routine to promote effective sleep. When our stress level seems overly intense, it likely means we haven’t been getting enough rest. Adequate amounts of sleep can help improve our moods and help us think more clearly. This can help us handle situations much better than when we are sleep-deprived.

  1. Laugh more:

When we laugh our bodies releases endorphins that improve our moods, decrease stress levels, and boost happiness. Laughing actually improves our nervous systems…yes, our nervous system can tell if we are stressed or happy. So, we can try reading jokes, telling jokes, watch a hilarious movie, or hang out with friends.

  1. Opt for meditation:

Meditation is a relaxed state of our body and mind. A ten minutes daily meditation is highly beneficial in managing stress and yields positive results in keeping you mentally and emotionally strong. By putting the effort to learn and practice meditation can definitely bring a change in the way you look at your life.

  1. Spend time with family:

Spending time with our family members help reduce our stress levels. When we talk more frequently with our loved ones it can help balance our stress.

A holistic approach is very important in regaining our health. This is particularly true while fighting a chronic medical condition, like an autoimmune disease. Following a good lifestyle boosts our self-esteem and confidence levels that will help us in the long run.