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Overweight or obesity is now a major health issue for most of the people around the world. Many Americans suffer from overweight and Obesity. Studies reveal that in the US alone, nearly 35% of Americans have obesity or overweight issues. It is considered a national epidemic according to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). Obesity is a chronic medical condition that has severe effects on a person’s physical, metabolic and psychological health.

A number of factors can contribute to weight gain. These include diet, stress, lack of exercise, and the genetic makeup of a person. There are millions of potential remedies but how can collagen protein powder help? Collagen is a protein that doesn’t just boost the appearance of skin and hair but it also fights obesity. Unlike many other protein supplements, hydrolyzed collagen present in a collagen protein powder is actually proven to support weight loss by reducing inflammation, improving the gastro Intestinal health, and delivering many other benefits.

How Can Collagen Protein Powder Help You Lose Weight?

Collagen protein powder, when added to your diet regimen, can greatly improve overall health. Hydrolyzed collagen, the main ingredient in collagen protein powder, can enhance weight loss and help our body build lean muscle mass. The following is how’s it’s done:

  • Collagen aids digestion:Collagen has an ability to increase hydrochloric acid production in our stomach which enhances the breakdown of food in the stomach for easier digestion and absorption.
  • Collagen may help put your GI on tract: Collagen can strengthen the inner lining of the GI tract and prevent the occurrence of leaky gut. Many disorders such as weight gain, IBS, mood swings and several other autoimmune conditions begin from this condition known as leaky gut. It is essential to eat a protein-rich diet to prevent this condition and help in weight loss.
  • Collagen increases satiety: Hydrolyzed collagen is a clean protein that helps keep you feeling full and improves satiety levels. If we feel fuller for longer, we are less likely to overeat at the next meal which will help our body fight off cravings. As we reduce overconsumption it ensures weight loss and this process is amplified with collagen protein.
  • Collagen promotes lean muscle mass: Collagen helps replace excess fat in our bodies with lean muscle mass. Higher muscle mass helps with faster weight loss as the body is able to burn fat faster. One clinical study found that individuals on a protein-rich diet had more weight loss than those with a lower protein diet. This means that collagen positively impacts weight loss.
  • Collagen helps smooth out cellulite appearance: Collagen can help fight against cellulite by promoting and strengthening connective tissues in the skin. Cellulite becomes more visible when the skin stretches, thins out, and sags. Supplementing your diet with collagen protein can help improve skin elasticity and thickness which is essential in smoothening out cellulite appearance.


By incorporating collagen into your daily diet, you can help manage your weight the right way. However, be sure to choose only collagen protein powder which is high quality and made from the best ingredients. Our Paleo Perfection Collagen Protein Powder is from grass-fed beef, contains an organic super blend, is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, allergen-free, and dairy-free with no sugar added. Not to mention, our collagen protein powder complies with AIP, Paleo, SCD and keto diets.