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Grass-Fed Beef vs. Chicken (Part 2)

Grass-Fed Beef vs. Chicken (Part 2)

In our last blog post we talked about the manipulated Cornish cross chickens and confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). This article will review over antibiotic superbugs, monocropping, and nutrition between grass-fed beef collagen protein and chicken.


However, first I have a deeply contemplated question for everyone…yesterday a colleague and I had a very serious discussion on why when we eat chicken we say “I ate some Chicken” but when we eat grass-fed beef we don’t say “I ate some cow”! J I hope that brings a smile to most of our faces!


Anyways, first we will discuss the dangers of antibiotic fed chicken. Since CAFOs are so filthy and unaccommodating to the chickens they have to be given antibiotics frequently to avoid contracting a disease. This obviously isn’t a good start for the life of the chicken nor for those who will pick this chicken up at the market. So where do superbugs come in? Superbugs are bacteria that have built up resilience to common antibiotics…these CAFOs are petri dishes that breed the worst kind of disease. It has and will cause several problems not only in the farming community but in ours as well. Since grass-fed cows aren’t shoved into CAFOs they avoid this issue entirely.


Next is monocropping is when chickens are fed GMO seed that has been treated by herbicides. These chickens are fed exclusively this type of feed and don’t have access to their natural diet. Grass-fed cattle graze land that has been subject to agriculture cropping and the result is nutrient dense meat.


Lastly, nutritiously speaking grass-fed beef collagen protein is just plain better than chicken. Grass-fed beef has less omega-6’s which can cause inflammation than chicken. The dark meat of a chicken can have seven-times the omega-6’s than grass-fed beef protein collagen. Not to mention, beef has two-times the zinc and selenium than chicken while touting good amounts of B6, B12, and phosphorus. Some would also argue that grass-fed beef protein just tastes way better than chicken…I confess I am in that camp!


The moral of the story is to consume pasture raised animals. If we don’t then we can run into several more problems down the road! Paleo Perfection protein is grass-fed beef collagen protein that meets every spec we just discussed…give it a try today!