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Grass-Fed Beef vs. Chicken (Part 1)

Grass-Fed Beef vs. Chicken (Part 1)

We have received questions about the benefits of grass-fed beef collagen powder and we have written some blog posts to that effect. However, how does grass-fed beef stack up against chicken? We have a few different reasons why grass-fed beef is BETTER than chicken.


Grass-fed beef is only beaten by chicken in price. Chicken has become the cheapest meat in the U.S. because of dubious methods on how the chicks are raised. Many have suggested we support the pasture-raised chickens so that chicken becomes a more luxury item. No doubt, the way an animal is raised will affect the quality and price of the end product. However, a word to the wise, just because something is more expensive doesn’t always mean it is better quality…we must be valiant in our evaluation of our food choices.


The farming industry hasn’t been kind to chickens…they once took a solid 18 weeks to fully and naturally mature to market weight. Now a chicken is born, raised, and to the market in 6 weeks! The Hormones and antibiotics used to raise these poor chickens blow the growth rate and proportions completely out of whack. The Cornish Cross Chicken can’t even stand once it is fully grown and would have organ failure within weeks after full growth if they weren’t slaughtered before.


Even setting aside grass-fed cattle, cows can’t nearly be manipulated as much as chickens. For a run-in-the-mill cow it takes at least 18 months before they are ready for market. Grass-fed and grass-finished cattle can take up to two years before they ever see a grocery store. The process is cleaner in both scenarios compared to that of chickens.


The last point that we’ll make is that most chickens are raised in complete captivity to the point that they may not even have a window to look through. This is referred to as confined animal feeding operations or CAFO. It is as though they spend their entire life in prison. The stress can be so intense for the animals that they begin to attack one another to the point of death. Cows aren’t nearly as abused in this respect. Even the most borderline of ranches allow cows to live in the pasture for at least a portion of their life.


The Paleo Perfection Grass-fed Beef Collagen protein powder comes from cows that were raised in humane conditions and enjoyed large grass fields. Nor were they treated with any antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones! Give it a try today!