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Coconut Tree is otherwise called “The Tree of life” in tropical areas of the world as it has been the most important source of food, shelter, and clothing for thousands of years. Coconut, the fruit of the coconut tree is a wonder fruit known for its versatility and taste and is the most sought after food ingredients in various continental cuisines. It is the highest nutritional food to add to your AIP diet. This is the preferred choice in the healing diet offering coconut flour to bake with and oil to cook with. As most of the people feel complex to follow a strict AIP diet, adding coconut to the diet can make it more delicious and easy to follow. Moreover, it is a Paleo-friendly and helps in healing your autoimmune disease

Coconut in the AIP diet:

Coconut in any form can be included in the AIP diet but should be consumed in moderate amounts. It is a powerhouse of both micro and macronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and dietary fiber. Generally, we don’t use dairy products while on the AIP diet, so the coconut can benefit you in the replacement of dairy products.


Here is the list of various products of coconut that can be included in our AIP diet.

Coconut Water:

Coconut water from a fresh and tender coconut is a clear liquid that is a super hydrating and natural thirst-quenching drink. It is rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous that helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body. It’s also good after a workout to instantly replenish your body.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is extracted from mature and ripe coconut meat. It is an AIP and paleo compliant oil that can go into various recipes. Organic virgin coconut oil contains a lot of healthy fats and does not include solvents or food additives. It has a natural taste, is stable at high temperatures and hypo-allergic. Coconut oil contains high amounts of lauric acid which is known for therapeutic properties.

Coconut meat:

Coconut meat is rich in fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber and commonly used in various cuisines around the world. Coconut meat when added to smoothies, desserts and salads lend an extra boost of nutrition and taste.

Coconut milk:

Coconut milk is a plant- based milk that is a great substitute for cow’s milk.It is loaded with high protein, fat content, vitamins, and minerals. It is thick, creamy and delicious and can be used in soups, stews, smoothies, ice-creams, puddings, and more. Coconut milk is easy to make at home and tastes better than a canned variety. Homemade coconut milk is free from artificial flavors, thickeners, and food additives. The concentrated form of coconut milk is coconut cream, a healthier and AIP and Paleo-compliant alternative for condensed milk.

Coconut Flour:

The fine, dehydrated and ground form of coconut meat is coconut flour. It is fine and softer in texture. It is autoimmune compliant flour as it is gluten-free, grain-free, high in protein and dietary fiber. Coconut flour can be used in making flatbreads, tortillas and baked foods.

Coconut Sugar:

Coconut sugar has gained worldwide popularity in recent years for being a healthy substitute for refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is AIP approved and plenty of people consume it on a daily basis. Coconut sugar contains’ inulin’ a starchy substance that helps maintain blood glucose levels and helps promote gut-friendly bacteria. It also contains a good amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids and certain antioxidants which are not found in refined sugar. Due to its low glycaemic index, it is now the most preferred alternative for table sugar.

Coconut flakes:

Coconut flakes are made from desiccated coconut meat and are available in various forms like shredded coconut, granulated coconut and as flakes or chips. Coconut flakes can be used in AIP breakfasts, dinner recipes, desserts, salad dressing, and baking.Coconut chips can be a great form of healthy snacks in their own way.

Coconut Yogurt:

Coconut yogurt a great alternative for a regular cow’s yogurt while living the AIP diet. It is made from fermenting coconut milk and probiotics. It is very easy to make and is one of the best gut nourishing foods. The gut-friendly bacteria, lactobacillus, is used in the preparation of coconut yogurt. It can be a great dairy-free yogurt option for people with lactose intolerance. Adding some fruit to this yogurt can enhance the flavor and nutrition and make it more delightful to devour.



Adding coconut to your AIP diet can supplement and nourish your body. This could be the best option in healing your autoimmune disease. Take a chance and follow it from your next diet, you’ll surely see the positive result at the earliest.