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Best Ways to Add AIP and Paleo Protein Powder in Daily Routine Diet

Best Ways to Add AIP and Paleo Protein Powder in Daily Routine Diet

Best Ways to Add AIP & Paleo Protein in Daily Routine Diet

It’s a known fact that all of us derive nourishment from the food we eat, but what if our daily diet doesn’t meet the recommended dietary allowance that our body needs? An added supplement can help us meet our daily nutrient requirements. Looking for the solution? Undoubtedly AIP & Paleo protein powder can help you in pumping protein and iron into your body. There are different varieties and flavors of protein mix to help supplement your diet and keep your muscles growing without developing any stubborn belly fat.

Generally, people think that protein powder is limited to mixing it with water or vegetable milk. This is a convenient way to consume our AIP/paleo protein but here are some suggestions to expand the way in which you enjoy our protein!

Follow the below-given options to mix the AIP & Paleo protein protocol in your daily routine diet.

  1. Morning Coffee:

Many of the people start their day with morning coffee. To improve the total nutrition of this habit try mixing our AIP & Paleo protein powder in your coffee. Use hot water to mix paleo perfection natural protein powder together and then add it to your favorite brewed coffee. Be sure not to mix the protein powder directly to your coffee as it does not allow to dissolve properly.

  1. Add protein powder to your breakfast:

Whatever your preferred breakfast, adding our AIP/paleo protein as the star or sidekick to your breakfast can give your morning meal an extra boost. Paleo perfection cherry chocolate protein powder is a great chocolate option for your AIP or Paleo breakfast.

  1. Mix AIP & Paleo protein powder into soups:

Mixing your protein powder in soups is unusual yet it is a great way to gain more protein into your diet. Not only does it deliver extra protein to your body but it also gives the soup additional thickness and hardiness. This could act as a great appetizer for people of all ages.

  1. Add protein powder to your hummus recipe:

Hummus is a great food to consume with most diets. Try adding our unflavored Natural Paleo Perfection Protein powder to your regular hummus recipe. Better yet, add the Paleo Perfection Cherry Chocolate and Vanilla Banana protein powder to your hummus for a tasty dessert version.

  1. Alter your protein powder into energy bites:

Including our protein with your unbaked nutritious cookie recipe will turn your guilty pleasure to protein power! With our protein, your energy bites will taste incredible and give you the energy and protein you need to amplify your day.

We encourage anyone that is looking to supplement their diet or just to have an easy and tasty option for protein to try our Paleo Perfection line. Check them out in our store

(Autoimmune Health & Nutrition Store) to start amping up your diet today.