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AIP, SCD, Paleo and Keto Diet Tip: Don’t Forget your Veggies!

AIP, SCD, Paleo and Keto Diet Tip: Don’t Forget your Veggies!

It is very easy to fall into a pattern of eating huge amounts of protein while you are on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Paleo, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), or Keto diet. Before we lived these restrictive diets we were accustom to pulling by a sandwich shop or pulling out some simple and easy processed foods. However, a lot of the convenience is lost when we make the switch from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the big four (AIP, SCD, Paleo, or Keto diets). These diets can do wonders for our bodies but if we aren’t careful we can slide into the bad habit of only eating bacon and more bacon! Some may relish this idea but it can get old fast and it isn’t good for us. This is why we must have a strong focus on fruits and vegetables!

Several studies have shown that eating plenty of vegetables can help reduce the risk of oodles of diseases like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and gastrointestinal just to name a few. Since Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals it provides the perfect combination to help the microorganisms in our gut, boost our antioxidants, and promote anti-inflammatory properties in our bodies. Our meats can’t provide all of this which is why a strong balance must be maintained in order to capitalize on as many benefits as possible.

Autoimmune Health & Nutrition’s amazing grass-fed beef Paleo Perfection Protein powder will serve anyone on the AIP, Paleo, SCD, or Keto diets as it does include a sizable superfood blend. However, as awesome as our protein powder is we must have high vegetable intake as it is the hallmark of the autoimmune eater. In a study conducted by Loren Cordain of 229 hunter and gather societies, they found that between 45-65 percent of their diet came from animal foods and the other 35-55 percent came from over 100 different types of plants! So according to this study we need to literally balance our diet between animal and plant source foods.

As we try to focus more on vegetables we will feel better physically and mentally moving forward. When we consume eight or more serving of vegetables and fruit per day our overall health and longevity will improve…in fact, the more we increase our vegetable consumption the greater benefits we will see!

Don’t be confused on the types of vegetables you should eat. Click here to get great insight as to the type of vegetables to consume!