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While you are on an autoimmune protocol diet, you need to sacrifice a lot of foods that you love eating, one of which is chocolate. Everyone loves eating chocolate from kids to teenagers and adults but, sadly, it is on the elimination food list of autoimmune protocol diet. You might feel overwhelmed and frosted at first glance, and you might seem like you have to give up on everything you love, but what if we tell you that you don’t have to? Thankfully, there are many substitutes and nutritional upgrades that we can use without sacrificing the flavor we love.

Use CAROB instead of CHOCOLATE

What Is Carob

Carob is an evergreen flowering shrub or tree in the pea family that consists of seeds and pulp. It is a nutty, chocolate-like flavored fruit measuring 10 to 30 cm long with a sweet taste and serves as a healthy substitute for chocolate.

Why Substitute Chocolate with Carob While On Autoimmune Protocol Diet

Chocolate consists of an anti-nutrient called phytic acid that messes with the gut barrier and the gut flora by inhibiting digestive enzymes, making your gut open to the growth of bacteria. Carob, on the other hand, contains anti-oxidants called polyphenols which are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Although chocolate does not contain large amounts of caffeine, even a little amount can cause issues to your immune system and flare up autoimmune conditions.

Not only that, chocolate is high in fat and if eaten a lot can cause you to gain weight, but carob does not contain caffeine, is naturally high in fiber, and is a great addition for people who are planning to lose weight.

Studies have shown that chocolate consists of toxic metals such as nickel, lead, and cadmium produced by multiple manufacturers, while carob contains an excellent source of vitamins and minerals which is the best choice for people to meet their nutrient values while on an autoimmune protocol diet.

What Are the Health Benefits of Carob On An Autoimmune Protocol Diet?

Here are the five health benefits of this fruit that you need to consider while on an autoimmune protocol diet:

  1. Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

If you are on dietary fiber, then look no further than carob. The pods and pulp of this fruit consist of insoluble fibers while the seeds contain soluble fibers containing polysaccharides or long sugar chains of mannose and galactose.

This fruit is also called a powerhouse of antioxidants because of polyphenols that occur in three groups: flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic acids. If you are trying to eliminate oxidants from your body naturally, then carob is a great fruit to start with.

  1. Helps with Digestive Issues

Carob contains tannins which are dietary compounds found in plants. While regular plant tannins dissolve in water and prevent digestion, carob tannins tackle toxins and prevent harmful bacteria growth in the intestine.

The natural sugars in the carob help thicken the loose stool. Some researchers suggest that carob bean juice is safe and effective in treating adults and young children.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol levels

Most junk foods will give you bad cholesterol but since you can’t avoid them, you will need a reliable panacea. With carob, though, you may never have to worry about cholesterol.

A clinical trial conducted on 12 menconsuming carob bean gum with 0.75g fiber per 100 calories indicated a vastly reduced level of cholesterol in just four weeks. And it also increased the ratio of LDL and HDL which means a higher level of heart-protective effects.

  1. Burns Fat

Worried about those extra kilos of fat in your body? Just get your hands on some carobs and you are safe. Carob is rich in fiber which helps to reduce acylated ghrelin hormones that are responsible for several pangs of hunger you experience after the meal. It also lowers fatty acids and triglycerides that are associated with weight gain.

  1. Combats Diabetics

Carob consists of inositols, especially myo-inositols which are responsible for combating diabetics, insulin resistance, and eating disorders, which helps to keep your appetite under control and reduces the chance of eating foods that contain high levels of sugar.

If you or your family are diabetic, consider getting carob into your diet, as it will reduce the chance of insulin resistance and help lead better lives.

Final Thoughts

Carob has many health benefits when included in the diet. If you are a chocolate lover who is looking for a greater substitute, consider choosing carob. It complements your paleo autoimmune protocol dietand controls your urge for chocolate.