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Many people around the world have adopted the Paleo diet for many good reasons. It's a diet that encourages people to eat all-natural and healthy food. It works by eliminating inflammatory foods in both natural and artificial foods. The Paleo autoimmune protocol diet helps to heal the gut and reduce inflammation in the body. It helps reduce the symptoms of autoimmunity, digestive disorders, and other health-related issues that are associated with a compromised immune system. However, as with any other diet, it’s very easy to make some simple mistakes while following the diet. Here are some of the most common mistakes you’ll have to watch out for.

1. Eating Too Much Meat Protein

It's important to remember that the Paleo diet isn't just about eating loads of meat and skipping plant-based protein. The common misconception among paleo dieters is that the Paleo diet is just eating more meat. Protein is super filling and can help you build metabolism-revving muscle, but not more than one-third of your plate should come from animal protein sources per meal. Ideal protein sources include lean cuts of organic beef and wild-caught fish. Nutritional experts don’t advocate consumption of too many high-protein diets, as there are several risks associated with such a diet. And one must be aware of this and meet a nutritionist before starting with the paleo diet.

2. Eating Fewer Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping your meal balanced with the right amounts of protein, high fiber, and satisfying healthy fats can keep your diet on track and deliver good results. When you eat less fruit and vegetables, your body gets deficient in vitamins and minerals otherwise called micronutrients. These micronutrients play a key role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. While carbs and protein make the major part of your diet, it is the vitamins and minerals that provide the optimal nourishment to your body. So, make sure that one-third of your plate occupied by protein, half of it with veggies and or fruit, and the rest of your plate with healthy fats, like avocado. Apart from providing vitamins and minerals, veggies fill you up with fiber, which helps your digestion stay on track and keeps you from snacking an hour after dinner.

3. Binging on Paleo Packaged Foods

Some food lovers fall for packaged foods with certain labels like Paleo, gluten-free, or organic make you think they're weight-loss friendly, but it can be harmful to yourself if fall for such packaged Paleo treats. Many Paleo-friendly packaged foods are high in carbs from dried fruit, which can make you retain water…that may not so great for your health goals. Instead of munching on a pack of grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free snacks, go for fresh-cut veggies, healthy protein smoothies, or a small dish of berries.

Closing Notes: Paleo dieters must focus on nourishing their bodies with natural and healthy foods while adhering to paleo diet principles. We hope this article helps you follow your paleo diet the right way and also helps clear up some of the misconceptions. Autoimmune Health & Nutrition is a renowned nutrition store for paleo diet supplements. Our Paleo Perfection Protein is 100% AIP/Paleo diet compliant, made from grass-fed bone and adhering meat, which is available in three delicious flavors. To order, please follow this link right away.