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We always aim to get protein from organic and clean sources such as free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught seafood to meet our daily protein requirements. Yet it’s hard and we don’t always have time to cook a healthy meal in today’s fast-paced world. Between stress at work, caring for children, and managing household tasks, life throws everything at us without a moment of respite. Between your busy schedule and satisfying your hunger, you need some quick food options and you opt for some high-protein fast foods which overall damages your overall health. We can do better!

Why Should We Be Vigilant About High-Protein Fast Food

There are hundreds of high-protein fast food options available. Chicken is one of the popular options for protein-dense food and many fast food restaurants serve chicken options yet some are better than others.

While opting for chicken you must stay away from breaded and fried chicken that contains gluten. Because gluten triggers the release of zonulin which is a chemical that signals the tight junctions of your intestinal walls to create intestinal permeability (also known as leaky gut).

Other popular options are burgers with buns, they also provide a protein punch. Even if you ditch the bun and breading chicken, do not count your meal as 100% gluten-free especially if you have celiac disease.

Tips for High Protein Fast Foods

Every time you go to restaurants look at their menu online to make sure you get the healthy options to meet your dietary needs. Keep these points in mind when you go for high-protein fast foods when you can’t plan.

  • Ditch the buns

Buns contain high amounts of gluten and are a popular option for many restaurants in serving your meal. Avoid eating buns if you are suffering from autoimmune diseases.

  • Be Harsh On Gluten and dairy

Gluten and dairy are the biggest culprits behind the skyrocketing rates of chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases. Remove these two foods from your diet for good.

  • Skip Anything Fried

Fried foods are high in fat and the oil used in fried foods is not healthy. Skip the fried foods, onion rings, and French fries.

  • Pass on sauces

Most sausages in the market don’t properly list the ingredients used in them. So it’s difficult to know what ingredients are in them. They are often filled with sugar, calories, and fat with little to no nutritional value. Sauces include dipping sauce and spread, and most salad dressings are a big “no” especially when you are suffering from chronic illnesses.

Alternatives To High-Protein Fast Food

Here in this blog, we have simplified the high-protein fast food options from your favorite restaurants by substituting them with some healthy protein fast food options when you need a quick bite on the go.

  1. Choose Grilled Foods Over Fried Foods

When you are out for a lunch date or business lunch, choose grilled foods over fried fast foods. Grilled foods are cooked for a shorter time when compared to fried foods. They maintain moisture and do not lose essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are free from excess oil and give you crunchy and tasty flavors. A barbeque chicken gives you 21 g of protein and 242 mg of Potassium.

  1. Roast Chicken Entree Salad

Roast chicken entree’ salad is a high-protein fast food with plenty of flavor, and low in calories. This salad provides 25 grams of protein, 250 calories, 690 milligrams of sodium, and 14 grams of fat.

The roast chicken also contains 3 grams of fiber which is vital for a healthy digestive system. It makes it easier to move waste effectively through your digestive tract. However, be sure to ask for it without cheese.

  1. Kale Lemon Caesar Salad

The kale lemon Caesar salad includes grilled chicken breast nuggets on a bed of kale, fresh lemon wedges, and romaine. The entire salad provides 43 grams of protein and 470 calories.

In addition to that, it delivers satiating protein and the kale in this salad is a nutritional superstar. Kale is rich in vitamins k, A, C, and B6, and it’s also a great non-dairy source of calcium. Ditch the Lemon Parmesan Panko and shaved parmesan to make it paleo-friendly.


Always be choosy with foods when you are on diet. Fast foods and health typically do not go hand in hand but if you exercise some good judgment, you can make some things work. Autoimmune Health & Nutrition provides powder that has ample health benefits. The paleo collagen powder is derived from a clean sources such as grass-fed collagen, organic broccoli, organic apple fiber, and many other organic ingredients. The best thing about these AIP diet supplements is they are non-GMO and do not contain any artificial flavors. If you are someone looking to relieve unwanted inflammation and other symptoms from autoimmune disease these are the best choice for you. Order them today and enjoy them with your favorite drink.